SALE 500 Large Split Rings for Key Ring, Zipper Pulls, Dog Tags and Key Chains Round, Heavy Duty, 25mm 5 Colors to Choose from

SALE 500 Large Split Rings for Key Ring, Zipper Pulls, Dog Tags and Key Chains Round, Heavy Duty, 25mm 5 Colors to Choose from
SALE 500 Large Split Rings for Key Ring, Zipper Pulls, Dog Tags and Key Chains Round, Heavy Duty, 25mm 5 Colors to Choose from
SALE 500 Large Split Rings for Key Ring, Zipper Pulls, Dog Tags and Key Chains Round, Heavy Duty, 25mm 5 Colors to Choose from
SALE 500 Large Split Rings for Key Ring, Zipper Pulls, Dog Tags and Key Chains Round, Heavy Duty, 25mm 5 Colors to Choose from
SALE 500 Large Split Rings for Key Ring, Zipper Pulls, Dog Tags and Key Chains Round, Heavy Duty, 25mm 5 Colors to Choose from
SALE 500 Large Split Rings for Key Ring, Zipper Pulls, Dog Tags and Key Chains Round, Heavy Duty, 25mm 5 Colors to Choose from
SALE 500 Large Split Rings for Key Ring, Zipper Pulls, Dog Tags and Key Chains Round, Heavy Duty, 25mm 5 Colors to Choose from

SALE 500 Large Split Rings for Key Ring, Zipper Pulls, Dog Tags and Key Chains Round, Heavy Duty, 25mm 5 Colors to Choose from

Small parts are not appropriate for children. Craft supplies are not to be eaten. Craft supplies are not toys. Purchaser agrees to keep all items safely stored. Craft components are for ages 18 and older only and for responsible use.

These large split rings are strong and heavy duty. We just love these to go along with our matching pendant blanks.

These are fantastic with our one inch pendants (we have square, circles and hearts) i show a heart here to give you an idea. The size is approximately 25mm, depending on how you measure and the finish is a perfect compliment to our shiny silver bezels and photo trays. The gun metal is smaller than the silver and bronze. The gun metal is 25mm outside dimension. The silver and bronze are 25mm for the inside dimension.

This is important to understand. See photo 5 for details on this.

Photo #1 shows a 1 inch gun metal pendant with the split ring attached. This size is nice for key rings, zipper pulls, and dog tags, . Update - we just received new antique copper, platinum and gun metal in the normal 25mm size. It is shown in picture 1.

The x-large silver split ring shown in picture #5 is not offered in this listing. It is shown for reference. Be sure to check out our various bezel blanks if you would like to start making your own key rings. Keyrings are a hot item in gift shops. If you make pendants you should add key rings to your line.

Shopkeeper added information and helpful hints. You can print paper copies from your etsy account at anytime.

Should you need a paper copy enclosed with your order please add a note in the note box at checkout. Diy kit supply component quantity options are now in the listing title. I wanted to take a moment to add some general tips, hints, explanations and comments to all of my listings. After many years on etsy, we have lived and breathed helping others learn how to make glass photo craft jewelry, i recently felt compelled to make a list of random tips and add it to all of my listings. Please note that we do not make claims of perfection and absolutes as crafting has far too many variables but we are offering our opinions from heartfelt personal experience.

Your opinions and experiences may differ from ours. Some points here may not be relevant to the particular listing it is underneath but if you are browsing our shop then maybe you will find something that is helpful.

Glass craft photo jewelry making helpful tips. The crafting process has many methods.

We offer supply option in the dropdown menu. In many listing we even go so far as to offer just seals or just chains or just glass because all too often someone sees a kit but decides they want extra supplies for something else they are doing and don't really want to search the shop. Kits almost always offer a tray/bezel/base as the bezel tray is the main component.

If an option for just seals, for example, is selected then the bezel tray will not be included as it was not paid for. Also, there is often a second drop down where a color can be selected.

If a supply with a color is not selected in the first drop down then we will disregard that color selection as it is not pertinent. (glass and seals are not supplies that have color finishes). The only items that will be sent are the items that are paid for. If you have questions please send a convo for more clarification. Sometime newbies may need clarification on terms - the terms - bezel, tray, link, pendant, cup style, recessed style - generally refer to a craft component that you could fill/decorate with a cabochon such as a corresponding size glass piece.

Glass size (25mm) fits a bezel (25mm), for example. Some people call all glass'domes' even when they are flat - so please keep that in mind : please ask if you are wondering. In regards to glass, domed means the top is rounded and the bottom is flat whereas flat means the top and bottom are both flat. In general, the material of a metal craft component for jewelry in our shop is brass, metal alloy or iron. Please be sure to ask if you need to know specific details because mfg changes sometimes due to environmental reasons, safety reasons and other reasons such as mfg processes.

For example, when lead was removed, certain alloys were used to strengthen the metals. Brass is a softer metal which is punched into a shape to create the component. The tray size can vary a tiny bit on the top versus the bottom just due to the mfg process. Bails are often soldered on and are not unbreakable when adjusted through bending or straightening.

Do not bend or straighten' soldered on bezels, loops or bails as this weakens the bond. If you need to know if a specific item is brass please ask in a convo.

We have noticed that sometimes the listing tags are auto populated with platform upgrades over the years. We want you to be sure you have accurate information specific to the listing you are considering. Metal alloy is melted to a molten liquid that is poured into a mold to create the component. Bails and loops are part of the mold and generally sturdy. Iron is most often used for chains for necklaces and bracelets.

A trick to know if something is iron is by seeing if a magnet will attract to it. Silver chains can be brass or iron.

Both tend to tarnish quite quickly. Many people use antique silver chains with shiny silver alloy pendants. Brass and metal alloy are not magnetic.

Iron will attract a magnet. The color descriptions (with the exception of silver and gold) are generally the tone of the piece, not the material. For example, copper is a color not a material.

If you wonder please ask us. The color shiny silver' or silver' is silver plated. Silver plated is a very thin layer platings are a color, not a precious metal. Manufactures say the plating is real silver or real gold but since we have no certification we just say the color is a color descriptor but they could have a small amount of the precious metal in the plating since silver, for example tarnishes. I hope this makes sense.

Logically, flecks of gold are worth more than the cost of the setting so how does that make sense. Let's just agree a color is a color.

Of actual silver over a base metal. Gold has a very thin layer of gold over a base metal.

Silver is the finish which requires care and upkeep. If the base metal is metal alloy the piece will not tarnish very quickly.

Some alloy pieces can take a year or even several years to show tarnish, but it depends on other factors and can vary, of course. I don't think i have ever seen any of my alloy supplies tarnish in all of my years working with them. Brass, on the other hand, will tarnish much more quickly as in a week or a few weeks depending on environmental conditions. Iron seems to tarnish the most rapidly, in my experience. There are ways to maintain the brilliance of silver plated items but it requires some due diligence.

Understanding the reason for tarnish is helpful. Tarnish is caused by exposure to air/oxygen and oils from your skin, among other external factors.

This starts the oxidation process. It is important that the piece is wiped off with a jeweler's cloth each night and stored in the velvet crevices of a jewelry box, or between cotton in a box, or in a felt pouch, for example. These same principles apply to storing your jewelry supplies. Wrapping them in tissue paper and/or tightly in poly bags and stored in plastic bins is a great start.

Silver plated brass (a large percentage of our items are brass) that tarnishes is sometimes showing the brass from underneath, which is why it looks golden in tone. Also, silver plating is a thin thin layer of sterling silver, which is made up of a mix of pure silver and other metals such as copper (7%), aluminum, zinc, for example. If you wait until the piece is at this stage and you use silver polish to try to shine the item you risk actually rubbing that thin silver coating right off the base metal. This explains why regular maintenance is important. This same principle could apply to silver plated iron and other base metals, as well. There really is no perfect substitute for the beautiful shiny silver but tones we like, which can be considered, are platinum, which looks like a shimmery thumb tack, or stainless steel, which is a bit darker and will not tarnish. Platinum, which is also called platina, is tarnish resistant but still has some silver in the plating and is prone to tarnish but at a slower rate than shiny silver plated. Rhodium is becoming more readily available as the cost seems to be coming down on that finish. Rhodium has not been shown to tarnish. We are adding stainless steel options.

Craft jewelry components are basic stainless steel. Stainless steel contains at least 10% chromium and, depending on the grade of the stainless steel, it may include smaller percentages of nickel, molybdenum, titanium, niobium and other metals.

Although stainless steel jewelry doesn't tarnish, it can scratch. Stainless steel jewelry is pretty easy to clean.

I like sheila shine if a shiny glossy finish is sought after. We are often asked about higher quality stainless steel. For example: what's the difference between 304 and 316 stainless steel the simple answer is 304 contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel while 316 contains 16% chromium, 10% nickel and 2% molybdenum. The molybdenum is added to help resist corrosion to chlorides (like sea water and de-icing salts). Our craft items are not these versions unless specifically stated in the listing.

The price points don't generally fit our target market and it is unrealistic to expect. 50 items to be fine jewelry grade, but sometimes we get lucky and find a earring back or a post in 304. We are often asked how to adhere a graphic to a piece of glass. There are many ways but the 2 most common ways are by using glues or glazes or by using an acid free - that said, i always always recommend that you sample a new-to-you supply to be sure it agrees with you. There can be smells or textures that may not agree with one person and be totally fine for another. Sensitivities are always unpredictable archival quality 2 sided dry adhesive seal that is clear and sticky on both sides. Adhesive seals do not waterproof your image. The quality of the seal is very important. Oglaze and glues are used with matte card stock paper because the paper will allow a bit of absorption to help facilitate the adhesion of the image to the smooth glass. You will need to watch for bubbles forming and check to be sure the glass does not slide off the image.

Odry adhesive seals are used with glossy paper because the seal requires a perfectly smooth surface. We do not advise using luster, matte, quick dry or commercially printed images because they are, most often, not perfectly smooth. Seals are sensitive to texture, dust or oils. (oils from your fingers, finger prints).

Due to the many variables, seals can take practice but really are quite simple. I have great results using glossy laser paper or glossy photo paper. It is important to note how ink jets put ink down. Sometimes black ink will go onto paper thicker which causes a'texture'.

I have solved this by using a thinner paper such as hammermill glossy laser paper. A high quality bright white copy paper has also been shown to work well. Always check to be sure your printer settings match your paper. Many printers work best using the mfrs brand of paper - ie, epson paper with epson printer. Oregardless of which method you choose, experimentation with your specific variables will probably be worth the effort.

I have seen so many examples of gals who have struggled for a week or two and now years later have thriving etsy shops and we smile when we think back to those first few days as we worked to find the perfect methodology. When using glazes there are some variables to consider. Will the glaze cause the ink to run will the glaze cause some trays to turn color (green, usually). Will the glaze adhere well enough from my experience, glossy mod podge is my choice because, in my experience, the ink will not run and the end result is fantastic. Mod podge is a sealant which is why the ink will not be compromised.

My paper of choice is epson presentation paper, which is a matte card stock. It is always best to experiment and test one piece of glass and let it set for a few days to fully cure before you make a mass production and adhere it into your bezel.

Another question we are often asked is how to adhere the finished piece of glass into the bezel the safest and fastest way is with our dry adhesive seals. They are made in the usa by a company with over 40 years in the craft adhesive industry.

There is no wait time, it is non toxic, and the adhesive is so permanent you had better not misalign your glass because you may not be able to pry it back out. You can use a jeweler's glue like e6000. Be aware that e6000 can eat through the back of some papers and compromise your image. You may need to seal the back of the paper first.

Epson brand paper is the only paper that i know of that works with e6000 and does not need to be sealed but i still advise testing your 1st piece. The glass is craft glass, not optical glass.

If you hold it to the light before you attach your graphic to it you may see silica, which is an ingredient in the glass. This is not visible to the naked eye once you get your image adhered. Over the years, the glass has gotten much better but it still does have silica. My personal opinion is that flat glass is very, very clear but it still has silica.

Domed glass is the most popular and fits the bezels, pretty much, seamlessly at the edges. If you need optic glass then our glass would not be right for you.

Not every piece is perfect but they are pretty darn good. Finishes can vary by batch, vintage can sometimes be lighter, darker, shinier or "dirty". Black can sometimes be shiny or matte and can even "chip", which is an intrinsic characteristic of that color and the process. Black is the only color we have seen do this and we are very limited on the black items we offer.

Gun metal is almost always glossy but very rarely it can look vintage. Please ask us to check our inventory for a specific characteristic you may prefer. Craft supplies can have slight imperfections which are intrinsic characteristics. If it important to consider some craft pieces are 1/10th the cost of a similar art or jewelry comparison. If you need perfection please don't shop craft- jewelry components. In our industry the bezel is a base for a much more important focal element. We work very hard to find the best within the category. We even double silver plate most of our silver items so the silver is super shiny.

We also have our glass packaged specially from the factory to minimize scuffs and damages. In bulk, the glass is packaged in trays so each piece has its own slot.

Our smaller packs come in 2 piece poly bags or 20 pieces in a poly bag for smaller sized glass pieces or even 100 is the 12mm. We often pick the pieces for your order from the tray packs and find the glass to be very, very good quality, based on the available glass offered in the craft industry. We also use this glass in our own crafting business. Our 12mm comes 100 in a pack, . If you are looking for jewelry components or art supplies we may not be the shop for you as we are a craft supply shop.

Please ask if you have questions or pick a sampler listing as a low risk test. It is absorbed somehow into the listing or the total order. We do that with some listings and some promotions. I wanted to discuss the topic of nickel (the ingredient often responsible for allergic reactions), lead and cadmium.

Back about 10 years ago laws were enacted to provide for products worldwide. The way to provide a certificate of safety is by contracting a lab to melt down each product from each batch and analyze the ingredients to see if they fall within the legal limits. If you think about that, it is pretty much an impossible task. Even if we did tests, how could we possibly know if each little piece in each bag is from the same batch made in china and remember, the item tested is melted/ruined and unsaleable.

How can i stamp everything as'safe' and guarantee that everything is safe when the safe pieces were ruined/melted if you have the answer i would love to hear it. The fines of $100,000 per offense and jail are more than i would think anyone would want to risk.

I have not reviewed whether the laws were amended since 2009 when many of us children's mfrs consulted lawyers and made a mass exodus from the baby and children's industry. I know i used to hear from customers asking about their allergic reactions. I have not heard of allergic reactions in many years. When the lead laws were first passed, lead could be tested using an xrf machine. We sent in many of our components for testing.

The majority of our components tested within the limits and that was back in 2010, before the factories made many of their adjustments. They produce products that should be legal worldwide.

We do not have any reason to believe the products are not safe but for our own protection we only sell to adults for adult use. I have been told that the government provides testing kits and many parents of autistic children test their household items. In conclusion, we are here to help you. I hope you found some value from my random list of helpful hints, tips and explanations. It is a sad day that i even have to say that last remark. I truly wish you great success and happiness through crafting it really is rewarding making your own unique piece and presenting it to someone who will smile and think of you when they see it each day. There are many variables which can play a role in the outcome of every diy craft kit.

We promise to help you but can not guarantee that you will be successful because we do not know your particular variables. (printer, ink, paper, glue, finger dexterity, climate temperature, etc). We do promise to help you with more tips from our many years of experience.

This list is only written due to a tiny handful of'blamers', unfortunately. Please note - descriptors in our shop are used to describe styles, colors and other characteristics. We don't sell any items that are real copper, for example.

Also, our shop sells nothing vintage - as in officially vintage. The word "vintage" is a descriptor of a style which denotes old style or classic style. If you wonder please convo. Legal disputes are decided in manatee county florida jurisdiction.

This item is made of iron.
SALE 500 Large Split Rings for Key Ring, Zipper Pulls, Dog Tags and Key Chains Round, Heavy Duty, 25mm 5 Colors to Choose from

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